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Where is Life Partners Holdings, Inc. located?

Life Partners Holdings, Inc. is located at 204 Woodhew Drive, Waco, TX 76712.

What is a life settlement?

Simply put, a life settlement is the sale or transfer of ownership, of an existing life insurance policy to another party (or parties). Typically, the holder of the policy no longer wants or needs it, and desires to sell it, often to a group of investors. Then, upon the maturity of the policy, the group of investors receives back their principal and their return on investment through the death benefit of the policy.

For those investors who purchase bonds, one would liken this investment to a zero coupon bond, but without a fixed maturity date and no "phantom" taxes.

When was LPHI founded and subsequently listed on Nasdaq?

Life Partners Holdings, Inc. was founded in 1991 and has been in continuous operation since then. LPHI became a publicly traded company in the year 2000. LPHI did this purely to provide transparency for its life settlements clients, not to raise capital. It was and remains the only publicly traded company operating exclusively as a life settlement provider.

How many employees does LPHI have?

As of the end fiscal year 2012, Life Partners Holdings, Inc. had 59 employees.

What is Life Partners' SIC code?

6199, Financial Services

Who sits on the Board of Directors?

LPHI's board includes:

Brian D. Pardo, Chairman & CEO, Life Partners Holdings, Inc.

R. Scott Peden, Director, President of Life Partners, Inc; General Counsel of Life Partners Holdings, Inc. and Corporate Secretary

Tad Ballantyne, Director and Chairman of the Audit and Compensation Committees

Fred Dewald, Director

Harold Rafuse, Ph.D., Director

Who are LPHI's officers?

Brian D. Pardo, Chairman & CEO of Life Partners Holdings, Inc.

Colette Pieper, Chief Financial Officer, Life Partners Holdings, Inc.

R. Scott Peden, President and General Counsel of Life Partners, Inc.

Kurt Carr, VP of Policy Administration, Life Partners, Inc. (LPHI subsidiary)

Deborah Carr, VP of Administration, Life Partners, Inc. (LPHI subsidiary)

Mark Embry, Chief Operating Officer, Life Partners, Inc. (LPHI subsidiary)

What is Life Partners Holdings, Inc.'s ticker symbol?


On what exchanges does Life Partners Holdings, Inc. trade?

Life Partners Holdings, Inc. trades on the Nasdaq Global Select market.

Does LPHI pay a cash dividend?

Yes. LPHI has paid a quarterly dividend each quarter since 2002.

What is LPHI's cusip number?


Who is LPHI's transfer agent?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Co.
Attn: Isaac Kagan.
59 Maiden Lane
New York, N.Y. 10038
718-921-8334 fax

Who is LPHI's external auditor?

Whitley Penn LLP is LPHI's external auditor as of July 2011.

Has LPHI undertaken any stock splits?

Yes, in December 2010, LPHI underwent a 5-for-4 stock split.

Two previous stock splits, also 5-for-4, occurred during February 2009 and September 2007.

What is LPHI's fiscal year end?

February 28 is the end of the fiscal year for LPHI.

How can I get further information on LPHI?

Call 254.751.7797 and ask for Investor Relations or email us at:

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